Students who are currently approved to receive academic accommodations must submit a semester request each semester so that SDAO will send the academic accommodations to your faculty, and to ensure implementation of their accommodations. If you have not yet completed your formal registration with SDAO and met with your accessibility coordinator, please DO NOT complete this process. Instead, please visit the Requests tab to submit your first time or additional accommodation requests.

Directions for Submitting a Semester Request via Accommodate

  1. Login to Accommodate using the following link: Semester Request for accommodations if you need additional assistance please contact
  2. This will take you to the Duke authentication webpage. Please enter you Net ID (i.e., jm224) and password. If it does not work please enter
  3. Click the 3-bar menu at the top left of your screen; or if you do not see the 3-bar menu, then you should see a list of options.
  4. Click “Accommodation”.
  5. Scroll down and click on “Semester Request” and then click “Apply Search.”
  6. Click on “Semester” and select the appropriate semester and year.
  7. Click on the “Add New”.
  8. On the new screen, select the correct semester again, and all of the classes that you are currently enrolled in will populate.
  9. Click on "Review the Renewal" please do not click “Submit for All Accommodations”:
    1. You will then individually select which accommodations you want in a particular class.
    2. To only select certain accommodations for certain classes, unselect any classes that you do not wish to have that accommodation implemented, making sure that the classes you do want the accommodation in are still selected.
    3. You will need to “remove” any accommodation that you do not wish to request (remove housing accommodations, or other accommodations that are not related to academics, including priority registration).**If your accommodation is not listed, click “Request Additional Accommodation”, and the accommodations should populate in a new window. Select each accommodation you wish to request.
    4. When you have chosen the accommodations that you wish to request and removed any other accommodations you do not want to request, click "Submit" at the end of the page.