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Whether you are a student, employee or visitor to Duke, you can request accessibility accommodations.

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Welcome to the Disability Management System (DMS)

The Disability Management System (DMS) provides leadership to the University and University Health System efforts to ensure an accessible, hospitable working and learning environment for people with disabilities while ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations. We serve as a centralized clearinghouse on disABILITY-related information, procedures and services.

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Please notify us if you have an access concern about any part of the Duke University campus or Duke University Health System facilities.  This includes access into or around any of the buildings as well as paths, crosswalks and parking lots.

Campus Access Advisories

Project Plan for repaving of Bevan Building Parking Lot
Bevan Building Parking Lot Plan

Bevan Building Parking Lot Project - August 2019

August 23, 2019

Work on the Bevan Building parking lot will begin on Monday, August 26th and should take two to three weeks.  This is part of the ongoing waterline replacement project which is also affecting traffic on Buchanan Boulevard.  Access to ADA parking will be maintained during this construction project.

Telcom Drive Reconstruction - September 2019 through January 2020

August 8, 2019

From September 2019 through January 2020, Telcom Drive will be under construction as part of the new Pratt Engineering building project.

The accessible route from Abele Quad across Telcom Drive to the Engineering buildings should remain open.

Access to Telcom building and the Co-Lab space will be available via the ADA ramp at the southeast corner of the building (though other entrances may be closed at times).

This project will have four distinct phases with the most disruptive work planned for Fall Break and the Christmas recess.

PG4 Construction Plan
PG4 Construction Plan

Bryan Center Parking Garage Project - July/September 2019

July 12, 2019

Underground work will impact the path on the south side of PG4 but will not prevent access to the garage.  Science Drive will remain open but will be reduced to one lane during the construction project.