Request Accommodations

Duke University is committed to providing reasonable and effective accommodations to individuals with disabilities.

disability Documentation Elements

  1. Typed on letterhead, dated, and signed by a qualified professional.
  2. Provide a diagnosis and functional limitations, a diagnosis and a history of received accommodations, or functional limitations and a history of received accommodations.
  3. If appropriate, include a description of the student’s specific side effects from such treatments or medications and how they impact the student's right to equal access to the benefits of the University. What barriers are impacting the student's access? Are there accommodations that mitigate the barriers and provide access for the student?
  4. Provide any recommendations directly linked to the impact or functional limitations associated with the disability.

The following information/documentation is not adequate for determining accommodations:

  1. A brief note from a physician or health professional requesting an accommodation.
  2. Information or notes written on a prescription pad or aftercare instructions issued to the student.
  3. Evaluation reports of learning difficulties that are not comprehensive or identify "problems or challenges" but do not specifically diagnose a learning disability, functional limitations, or history of received accommodations.

All documentation can be uploaded into the accommodate portal when you are requesting accommodations. If you are unable to upload the documentation, please email it to

Accommodate, powered by Symplicity, will be used by students for all accommodation requests and associated documentation.

INCOMING DUKE STUDENTS: You cannot request accommodations until AFTER May 15, 2024

Incoming students: If you are unable to log in to the accommodate portal, please try again after June 15, 2024

To request accommodations: please request accommodations here. You should use your Duke unique ID and password to login to the system, If you are not able to login with your DUID, please use your email in this format: If you have any issues submitting your request via the Accommodate portal, please email

Once you submit your request, you will receive an email from SDAO to schedule an appointment to meet with an accessibility coordinator. If you do not receive a scheduling email within two days of submitting your request (not including Saturday and Sunday), please email

If you would like to meet with a coordinator via Zoom before submitting your request, please refer to our virtual office hours or, email to schedule an appointment with an accessibility coordinator.