The Disability Management System works closely with Employee Managers and Supervisors across the University and Health System during the interactive reasonable accommodation process. Managers have certain responsibilities as part of the process.

Manager Responsibilities

  • Be mindful not to “diagnose” employee; rather, refer him/her to the Reasonable Accommodation (RA) process
  • Be mindful that the RA process is voluntary
  • Respect employee privacy
  • Complete an Essential Job Function Analysis form to explain the employees essential job functions
  • Receive and review supervisor letter from DMS with the list of recommended accommodations.
  • Respond to supervisor letter in a timely manner.
  • Discuss accommodations with the employee in a private setting
  • If the department is not able to accommodate, the manager must provide a written detailed description of the business necessity that prevents them from implementing the accommodation.
  • Be prepared to meet face-to-face with the employee to discuss work status and/or leave options.