Students with Disabilities

  • Must self-identify to the university
  • Meet ADA eligibility qualifications
  • Provide medical documentation from your provider (this provider needs to have an established relationship with you and cannot be a family member) that addresses your disability and the barriers you experience with regard to your disability. The documentation can address suggestions of accommodations that may mitigate the barriers you are experiencing
  • Follow established institutional procedures for requesting accommodations
  • Notify the SDAO accessibility coordinator of any difficulties involving their accommodations or for additional accommodations
  • Request approved accommodations in a timely manner each semester through the semester renewal process
  • (Undergraduate students) Submit a semester renewal request every semester so that the “Professor Accommodation Letter” will be emailed to your faculty, and then discuss implementation of accommodations
  • (Graduate/Professional students) meet with their DSL to discuss implementation of accommodations and the process for requesting accommodations each semester.
  • Receive reasonable, necessary, and appropriate accommodations in a timely manner
  • Maintain the right to file a grievance

Duke University

  • Give notice of available services
  • Ensure that programs, services, and activities are accessible: students must have equal access to all educational and institutional activities
  • Explore, determine and provide appropriate, necessary and reasonable accommodations
  • Request and receive current documentation
  • Ensure all information will be kept in accordance with applicable confidentiality requirements
  • Identify and establish core competencies and technical standards
  • The right to deny an accommodation if it alters the technical standards or the fundamental nature of the program
  • Make determinations on a case by case basis