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  1. The Student Disability Access Office (SDAO), as a part of the review of the student’s documentation and records, determines which of the student’s requested accommodations are supported as being necessary for purposes of the ADA and ADA Amendments Act.
  2. The SDAO Director and, when appropriate Disability Coordinator or Case Management Coordinator, Director of Undergraduate Studies and/or Academic Dean, determines if the accommodations found to be necessary are reasonable in the context of the student’s academic program.
  3. The SDAO staff meets with the student to discuss the accommodations approved as being necessary and reasonable in the context of the student’s academic program.
  4. Approved accommodations are recorded on the SDAO Accommodations Agreement which is signed and dated by the student and SDAO staff; the original agreement is maintained in the student’s file and the student receives a copy. Procedures for implementing accommodations are discussed and the student’s rights and responsibilities are reviewed. The student is also apprised that individual circumstances may warrant modification of the accommodations agreed upon and listed on the Accommodations Agreement.

    NOTE: When accommodations are approved in areas such as housing and transportation, those offices are notified.
  5. After the Accommodations Agreement is signed and dated, the SDAO provides the student with the name and contact information of his or her Disability Liaison. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange to meet with the Disability Liaison.
  6. During the meeting with the Disability Liaison, arrangements are made for the implementation of approved accommodations for the current semester. Procedures for the implementation of accommodations in future semesters is discussed.

    NOTE: When a student requests to use one or more approved classroom accommodations in a specific class and/or lab, the professor/ instructor is notified.

    NOTE: Should a student wish to discuss the possibility of receiving an accommodation not listed on the Accommodations Agreement, the student should make an appointment to meet with the SDAO Director to discuss his or her request. Additional documentation may be needed.
  7. A student who disagrees with accommodation decisions made by the Student Disability Access Office has the right to file a grievance/complaint. Information regarding the filing of a grievance and/or complaint is available by contacting the Office of Institutional Equity at (919) 668-6214 (Grievances)

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