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Rights & Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Students with Disabilities

  • Meet qualifications
  • Self-identify
  • Provide documentation
  • Follow established institutional procedures (see steps for requesting accommodations)
  • Request accommodations in a timely manner each semester by meeting with the Disability Coordinator
  • Notify the Disability Coordinator if there are difficulties securing accommodations or with the quality of the accommodations
  • Participate fully in the interactive accommodation process

Note: Receiving services or accommodations at the high school level, at another college or university, or from a testing agency does not necessarily mean that Duke University will conclude that the student is disabled and/or agree to provide the student with the same services or accommodations received at other educational institutions or agencies.

Rights of Students with Disabilities

  • Equal access to courses, programs, services and activities
  • “Reasonable” accommodations
  • Right to File a Grievance/Complaint

Responsibilities of the University

  • Give notice of available services
  • Ensure that programs, services, and activities when viewed in their entirety are accessible
  • Explore and provide appropriate reasonable accommodations
  • Ensure that all information will be maintained and used in accordance with applicable confidentiality requirements

Rights of the University

  • Identify and establish core competencies and technical standards Request and receive current documentation
  • Determine reasonable accommodations
  • Deny a request for accommodations or change an accommodation that is listed on the signed Accommodations Agreement in specific situations when an accommodation would change the fundamental nature of the program and/or pose an undue burden.