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Alternative Media Conversion

Disability Management System(DMS) provides alternative format materials for eligible students when possible and in accordance with all copyright laws and exceptions. Every attempt is made to provide alternative format in the most efficient and effective way possible.

DMS searches various databases to find electronic formats of requested books. Many electronic books are available for free at, or for a nominal fee at In order for the student to set up an account with these databases, DMS may need to provide eligibility status. Before submitting your request, DMS encourages you to first check these primary websites for availability. If the electronic copy requires additional editing, conversion to hard copy, Braille or Large Print, DMS will do such further editing or conversion, provided the electronic document is not technically "locked" so as to preclude further editing or conversion (in which case you may have to provide a different version, ex. hard copy of the book/material to DMS).

DMS also uses software (SensusAccess) that converts documents online from text or image-based files into different formats, such as searchable PDFs, audio, Braille, or e-text. The completed conversion document will be delivered via email. SensusAccess is available to all Duke staff, students, and faculty with a Duke University email address. Please note that the quality of the converted document depends on the quality of the original document. For example, a clearly structured Word document will yield a better result than a poorly scanned PDF.

Please contact DMS at 919.668.1267 or if you have any questions.