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Patient Relations Programs

If a patient or visitor compliments an employee or shares a concern regarding care received at Duke Hospital or Duke Clinic call:

  • Patient and Visitor Relations (PVR) 681-2020
  • Perioperative Services 681-0177
  • PDC Customer Service 684-6298

 The following services are provided:

  • Gold Star Program
    A program designed to recognize staff who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional customer service to our patients and visitors.
  • Investigation of concerns expressed by patients and visitors
    Patient Representatives work with staff, patients, and visitors to resolve issues or complaints/grievances. Issues are traced and trended for the purpose of identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Sign Language Interpreters
    Patient and Visitor Relations coordinates sign language services for our deaf and hard of hearing patients. Advance notice requested to ensure prompt response from interpreter. Patients are not billed for these services.
  • Patient and Visitor Notary Needs / Advance Directives
    Staff have completed training to provide notarization of health care related documents such as Advance Directives (Living Wills and Health Care Power of Attorneys).
  • Hair Care Services
    Hair care services for our inpatients is coordinated by Patient and Visitor Relations.

Duke Hospitals & Clinics Important Numbers

  • Patient Access Services 681-2002
  • Service Response Center 681-2727
  • Communications, Press & Media Relations 684-4148
  • Cultural Services 416-2150
  • Transport Services
    • Duke Hospital North 681-2400
    • Duke Hospital South/Clinics 684-5992
  • Gift Shops (The Pink Smock)
    • Duke Hospital North 681-6186
    • Duke Hospital South/Clinics 684-6165
    • Children’s Health Center – Bouncing Ball Gift Shop 668-4112
  • Hair Care Services 681-2020
  • Host Homes 684-3531
  • Interpreters
    • For the hearing-impaired 681-2020
    • For foreign languages 681-3007
  • Lost and Found 681-2020
  • Menus for Hospital Cafeteria 681-3463
  • Pastoral Services 684-3586
    • Decedent Care 668-6311
    • Bereavement Services 684-4750
  • Patient Information 684-2410
  • Patient Helpline 681-2020
  • Public Safety 684-2444
  • Social Work 684-5878
  • Volunteer Services 684-3835